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Imperia is an award winning restaurant voted “Best Asian” by the Austin Chronicle. As you enter into Imperia you will notice an beautifully laid out interior with an amazing eye-catching bamboo ‘wall’ that separates the dining room from the lounge and sushi bar. Imperia’s reasonably-priced menu is for Japanese cuisine connoisseurs and first-timers alike. Imperia’s dining experience is one that will stimulate the senses, beginning with the palate and moving from there. At Imperia we feature an Asian kitchen with Regional specialties allowing our clients to truly experience the taste of Austin.


  • SEABASS KUSHIYAKI SKEWERS- Asian Vegetable Namasu
  • KUNG PAO CHICKEN LOLLIPOPS- Shiso Pineapple Relish
  • HOT ROCK “ISHIYAKI”- Smoked Ponzu, Herb Butter
  • JUMBO MISO LUMP CRAB CAKE- Kimchi Tartar Sauce


  • CRISPY PEKING DUCK- Traditional Beijing Peking Duck Served with Scallions, Cucumbers, Hoisin Sauce and Asian Crepes
  • IMPERIA PAD THAI- Flat Rice Noodle with Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce
  • THAI TOFU CLAY POT- Chiang Mai Coconut Curry Served with Bowl of Rice
  • FRESH ATLANTIC SEA SCALLOPS- Miso Cured Bacon, 5-Spiced Asian Pear


  • 4138- Tempura Shrimp and Avocado, Topped with Seared Tuna & Salmon with Spicy Peanut Sauce. Hook ‘Em
  • HAMACHI-POTLE- Snow Crab, Tempura Asparagus, Avocado Topped with Yellowtail. Served with Chipotle Mayo
  • PABLO ESCOLAR- Escolar, Cucumber, Avocado and Roasted Japanese Eggplant. Rolled in Tempura Flakes with Thai Spiced Vinegar
  • A HOT MESS- Snow Crab and Shrimp Atop a Honeyed Avocado Roll. Served Baked
  • BLT- Miso Glazed Bacon, Luttuce, Tuna and Avocado in a Tomato Basil Wrap with Pesto and Tomato Aioli
  • RED DEVIL- Spicy Marinated Tuna, Cucumber & Roasted Red Bell Peppers. Rolled with Black Sushi Rice and Red Tempura Flakes. Topped with Spicy Mayo and White Angel Sauce


  • JESSICA ALBACORE- Albacore, Crispy Garlic, Pickled Fresno, Cilantro with Ponzu Sauce
  • PONZU SCHEME- Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna, Cerry Tomatoes, Crispy Leeks in a Pnzu Sauce. Drizzled with Balsamic Reduction.
  • HAMACHI POPO- Yellowtail, Thinly Sliced Fresno Peppers in a Popo Sauce
  • SAKE SUMI- Salmon, Cilantro, Tobiko, Sumiso and Lemon Zest with Wasbi Creme
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